Get Your Past Clients to Love You Forever

Is your real estate world constantly shifting where one month you feel like oh my gosh, business is booming! and the next... tumbleweeds are rolling by?

If you ever have days when you wake up wondering... where will my next paycheck come from?

Then you should keep reading.

In fact, you should read this twice.

But first, don''t you love it when people say...

"You real estate agents have it so easy!"

They have no clue at all. They should try to sell real estate for a little while.. I mean, most people have no idea what you go through to scratch out a good living.


You are the ACCOUNTANT





You are also the RAINMAKER

You are the person responsible for generating new business (which is the most important) and this has to be a main focus every day.

Maybe you have an assistant. Maybe you have two assistants. Maybe you even have a few buyer agents...

Regardless, business is tough and whether you are a top agent knocking down new deals every week, a brand new salesperson looking for your first buyer, or anywhere in between, I am sure you will agree... having a STEADY STREAM OF BUSINESS IS IMPORTANT.

Having transactions every month is BETTER.

And having a CONSISTENT PIPELINE OF CLOSINGS happen every year is the BEST.

But no matter where you are businesswise, the funny thing about real estate is...

You can have the best day, the worst day, the best day, the worst day and then...break for lunch.

With that said, it's good you are here, because you have the power to change this cycle...

You can do real estate the hard way...

FSBOS - They don't want to hire you.

EXPIREDS - They are frustrated.

OPEN HOUSES - Slow and unpredictable.

WEB LEADS - They think you're a stalker.

you can also...

Get stuck in rush hour traffic on a Friday only to have a FSBO tell you "bring me a buyer and I will pay you 1%" - (SERIOUSLY ???)

You can wonder if you are going to continue getting undercut by discount companies.

You can have people look you in the eye, promise to hire you, and then forget your name 5 minutes later.

And sure, these things don't happen all the time, but when they do...

It feels like you are chewing on tin foil.

or, you can do it the easy way.


Only working on referral.

Never having to pitch someone.

No more agents undercutting you.

Selling homes month after month.

But here's the thing...

Most agents think that you have to be in business for 20 plus years to get a steady stream of referrals. That's true if you choose to think it is.

But how do you get referrals sooner?


Mundane drip campaigns we have seen in the industry should be avoided at all costs. Life is already too noisy...

Recipes, newsletters filled with real estate jargon, articles about how the interest rates might go up.

If you are not careful...if you don't provide REAL VALUE, you risk being ANNOYING. Being ANNOYING is the KISS OF DEATH! Being annoying means NOT HAVING REPEAT BUSINESS. Being annoying means NOT GETTING REFERRALS.

Providing VALUE after the closing is the BEST way.

How do we know all this?

That's a great question! How would the founder of a technology company know all of these things about your real estate world?

Well, I am not the average tech guy.

I am just like you. A hard working real estate agent since 1995. I have been fortunate to have had pretty good success. I was even named "The Best Realtor" in my city.

I built the BellaRuby Closing Gift to help my own business and have shared it with several of my past clients.

Here is a review from one of them:


As homeowners with busy lives and demanding jobs, my husband and I find ourselves constantly asking each other, "where did you file that?" "Did we save that?" "Who can we get to fix that?"

This software is a perfect one-stop vault for all of the items you know you should save but don’t know how or where.

Probably most helpful to us is the network of service providers and connections. Having this contact network at our fingertips is invaluable. It is the first place we turn—whether for needs around our own house or to recommend to friends and family.

Julie Foster - Homeowner

Julie is one of my favorites because she sent me the following referrals: Michael, then Brittain, then Darcy, then Jaimie, Hillary and Cullen and finally her sister, Becca.

Without her, I would not have had these 7 closings. I am her biggest fan.

We created this system for past clients like Julie.

Introducing the BellaRuby Closing Gift


Standard CRMs have been around for a long time, and they certainly have their place. Traditional contact management systems are designed to keep you organized and remind your clients that you are in real estate. In today’s mobile world, you need to do more.

BellaRuby is DIFFERENT.

Your clients get a software to help them maintain their home (FREE OF CHARGE) and you get to provide more value and stay connected forever. It is a set it and forget it system that keeps you relevant, and in their lives for the long term.

Here is how it works.


Giving the gift is fast and easy.

Your time is valuable and you will find there is a zero learning curve.

Upload your photo and logo so your branding sits front and center, then start adding people and their documents:

The name of the appraiser, the survey, the attorney, their home inspection...

This easy access to the closed transaction is a natural extension of the already stellar service you provided getting to the closing table.


Because your connections matter.

You already send people business every day. You should get credit for it.

Invite the business owners you love and trust to become a part of your automated referral network.

Share your connections with buyers and sellers that need them...Become known as the go-to agent in your community that gets things done.

Call it karma. Call it goodwill. Whatever your flavor, GIVING WORKS.


Get clients to remember you forever.

Just before you invite your clients to start using their new home management system, you get to sprinkle in a little personality.

BellaRuby will fire up your webcam so you can congratulate them on their new home.

Make sure to mention the date, so they can reflect back years later and remember the exact day that you sold them their home.

This Time Capsule feature is a powerful way to help you stay personable and to become their agent for life.


Become even more valuable.

The BellaRuby Closing Gift keeps you involved in their home management system with a set it and forget it approach to staying in their lives.

Would you be impressed if your real estate agent reminded you to clean out your dryer duct vent ?

Or how would you feel if your real estate agent reminded you to shop for a new homeowner's insurance policy to see if you can save yourself some money?

Strengthen your relationships, add more value, and stay involved long past the closing.


We explain BellaRuby for you.


Your clients get a great closing gift!

Your Welcome Video - When your custiomers open your invitation they will not only get a full walk through of what BellaRuby is, they will see your welcome video commemorating the day you closed.

Your Referral Network - They will see your trusted connections, which changes in everyone's portal as you add your newest and most trusted connections.

Their Important Documents - They will appreciate you for adding all of the closing parties, and will LOVE you for storing their survey when they start planning their backyard pool.

Their Insurance Vault - Your clients will start taking pictures of their computer serial numbers, securely file their furniture purchases, and begin storing their appliance warranties...all of this because you are more than just the average agent.

Their Personal Maintenance Planner - Your clients can also create tasks. They can easily remember exactly when and what to use to fertilize their yard each spring...They can create a map of their irrigation zones... They can even record the name of the person who installed it!

One Click Access to YOU - In addition to your smiling face to greet them each day, they can also reach out to you for a market value update with one simple click.

You stay in touch, year after year.

By giving the BellaRuby Closing Gift, you are now the agent that helps your past clients maintain their homes with a free home management software.

You will stay top of mind, relevant, involved in their home ownership, and your clients will know that you care far beyond just getting paid your commission.


CLOSING ANNIVERSARYS - BellaRuby will automatically send “Remember the day we closed” emails every single year delivered on time.

TO BE THERE FIRST - A "Day Before Your Birthday" email will be sent to the customer each year so your message doesn't get buried in other birthday wishes.

TO GET A CHUCKLE - A "Happy Half Birthday" email for a witty reminder that they should celebrate being only half-a-year older.

A MONEY SAVING TIP - A reminder to shop their insurance policy so they can save money on increasing premiums.

EVERY OTHER MONTH - A "You Should Change Your HVAC Filter" email because these small details are easy to forget.

FIRE SAFETY ADVICE - A "You Should Clean Your Dryer Duct" each year to show them you are thinking about their family.

ON JANUARY 5TH - A "Happy First Week of the Year" email.

ON FEBRUARY 15TH - A "Tax Time Is Coming" email and note that they already should have the closing documents in their dashboard.

ON JULY 3RD - A "Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July" email.

ON DECEMBER 23rd - A "Have a Warm and Safe Holiday!" email.


Every email reminder that your clients create displays your smiling face and website, so you are there front and center, just like you should be.

you also get:

COMPETITION PROTECTION - Homeowners can only be added to one agent's Closing Gift system. This will protect your relationships from other agents inviting your clients and will last for the lifetime of your account.

YOUR PERSONAL DASHBOARD - Easy access to all of your active Closing Gifts complete with stats highlighting your most active users.

WELCOME VIDEO CREATION - Add a personal video to your homeowner's portal and commemorate the day you closed on your client's new home.

REAL TIME NOTIFICATIONS - 14 useful, relevant and completely automated communications to your clients each year.

MILESTONE REMINDERS - Now you will never forget to celebrate milestones with your clients via a handwritten note.

MARKET VALUE BADGE - Offer easy access for your clients to obtain their home's market value anytime, 24/7.

HOMEOWNER PUBLISHING - The ability to publish market updates, your most recent blogpost, or any article you choose to a select group of past clients, or to all of your homeowners.

HOMEOWNER CREATED TOUCHES - As homeowners create tasks, your brand and messaging will be a part of the email reminder process. This keeps your efforts front and center, right where they should be.

UNLIMITED REFERRAL NETWORK - With this module, you can add unlimited service professionals to the Closing Gift so your clients can find the right person to get the job done.

Don't just take our word for it.


"Giving my clients a home management system makes sense."

Scott W. Detroit, MI

"Good past client follow up is an element that was always missing from my business."

Michael S. Asheville, NC

"Good past client follow up is an element that was always missing from my business."

Stephanie H. Charleston, SC

Which plan will you choose today?


$39 /month





$59 /month



There is no risk with our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


We believe that the BellaRuby Closing Gift is so amazing, so powerful, and so fitting for what any real estate agent needs to build a consistent business, that we will guarantee your results.

With this guarantee there is no downside.

We are so confident that the BellaRuby Closing Gift is the only system to help you stay relevant, in flow with the people that are important to you, and top of mind as the agent of choice for repeat and referral business, that we are willing to stand by the following:

Try the Closing Gift for 60 days, invite a minimum of 10 past clients to use the system. There is no need to explain anything to your clients at all, we handle all of that.

If you don't feel 100% confident that you will stay in front of them forever, and that you are providing more value to your past clients than ever before, then simply cancel your subscription and we will give you a full refund.

No need to haggle about getting your refund, our totally automated system will let us know that you invited and 10 clients accepted the system and we will provide your money back instantly.

Get the BellaRuby Closing Gift, try it by creating 10 gifts for any of your past clients, get feedback from your clients, and if it does not completely add value, and make them love you even more, no problem.

We are confident that after your first gift creation you will see that it is a phenomenal and easy to use system. Thousands of other real estate agents love our free CRM and this is the add on that will make your past clients love you, forever.

This is our guarantee, and we stand behind BellaRuby 100%.

Is BellaRuby right for you?

If you answer yes to any of the following, then we believe the Closing Gift is PERFECT for you.

Are you a brand new real estate agent that would prefer to focus on the easier path of receiving long term referrals?

Are you a full time agent that is fully committed to a career in the real estate industry?

Do you firmly believe that real estate is all about relationships?

Do you struggle with what to say to your past clients when you have not spoken in a while?

Do you feel that becoming more valuable will help you feel better about real estate as a whole?


The BellaRuby Closing Gift may not be the right fit for you if you are a part time agent and are not available to service buyers and sellers when needed.

The BellaRuby Closing Gift may not be right for you if you are considering changing careers, as it is a long term solution to staying in flow with your past clients.

Make a lasting impression.

This is what we believe...

We believe that there is to more to real estate than just getting internet leads.

We believe that real estate is a local business and that you should not have to struggle to compete with large corporations that have taken control of the industry.

We believe you work hard, and we feel that people who say "you guys get paid too much" are absolutely crazy and do not have a clue.

We believe real estate should be easier for everyone.

We believe that there is no guarantee of success, and even though we fully believe our system is like no other, there is no substitute for you doing your part, which is to be the best agent you can be. To get up every day, even when you don't feel like it, and follow every opportunity you can.

We believe that real estate is the best business in the world! You get to help people achieve their lifelong dreams and have a chance to make a great impact on people's lives every day.

So with that said...


You made it this far down the page! This means you understand that real estate is a relationship based business. This means you are open to giving the Closing Gift to your clients and you are considering making a step forward to build a more consistent real estate business.

We understand the power of goodwill and the power of putting others first.

In fact, this core value is summed up in our slogan...


Giving is a common theme sprinkled throughout the entire BellaRuby platform.

We created the BellaRuby Free CRM because we believe in giving first. This way, even if you choose not to pay our company for our services, you can still use the free CRM, and we can still have a positive impact on your life.

Our other product, the BellaRuby Referral Network, helps you GIVE leads to local business owners, so you can spread goodwill into your marketplace and be known as the agent that gives back to your community.

The BellaRuby Closing Gift positions you to GIVE to your past clients, so they will think of you when their friends need help, and when it comes time for them to move again.

There is no magic pill, but...

What would David Copperfield do?

Did you know that David Copperfield is the most successful magician on the planet?

And even though he owns 9 private islands and could never spend all of the wealth he has built, he still performs over 600 shows in Las Vegas every year.

Think about this for a moment. Over 600 shows a year!

There are magicians that are vying for the top spot every day. There are the Chris Angels and the David Blaines of the world that have built a strong brand themselves, and are pushing themselves in big ways.

And sure, David could take a backseat to these new acts. He has had a great run. He could just coast into his golden years. He certainly has more money than he will ever need again, but he doesn't.

He loves what he does and continues to push himself. David Copperfield knows that there is no magic pill to success.

Twice a day he performs at a high level because he believes in the power of consistency, hard work and knows what it takes to stay on top of his game. He is fully committed to his craft, and every day he makes the decision to move forward, not just stay in the same place.

So what will YOU do?

You are officially invited to join the BellaRuby community of real estate professionals that have made the decision to do more for their clients than ever before. Agents everywhere are providing more value and are staying in the lives of the people that matter.

These agents have started to build a more consistent real estate business, by GIVING.

We hope you will join us.


Which plan will you choose today?


$39 /month





$59 /month