More than just the perfect real estate closing gift.

Give your past clients a dashboard to help them maintain their home. Never lose contact again.

Do you struggle to maintain past client relationships?

Get a BellaRuby Closing Gift monthly subscription and stay in touch...Forever.

Help yourself by helping your clients after the sale.

Continue giving the gift of home ownership, and automate your past client follow up plan with real value.


No agent wants the relationship to end at the closing table. Use BellaRuby to integrate your business into the lives of your past clients.


This is the last time you will ever have to shop for a closing gift. Give one gift (or several) each month for less than the cost of dinner.


Build good will and never let your past clients and your friends forget about your real estate business.

Your clients get the perfect closing gift.

You get a set it and forget it system in place to service your past clients.

Don’t just take our word for it.

“It looks really easy to use. Connecting my clients with the people they need, and sharing the system with everyone I sell a home to makes sense. I plan to give it at every closing.”

Scott W.

Detroit, MI

“The referral automation element was always missing from my business. I am excited to stay top of mind without too much effort. It is somthing I have always needed to do.”

Michael S.

Asheville, NC

“When Nat showed me the dashboard, I could see he is very passionate about it. I love knowing that it is a gift I can give and I will never have to worry about losing touch with my clients anymore.”

Stephanie H.

Charleston, SC