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Financing - 11 Digests

Your value becomes clear early on by sharing everything from pre-approval letters to avoiding risky loan traps.

1. I’m here to help!
2. Mortgage calculators
3. Debt to income ratios
4.  All about credit scores
5.  Choosing lenders
6.  Spot risky loans
7.  What is PMI?
8.  Mortgage points
9.  Pre-Quals vs Pre-Approvals
10.  Mortgage decisions
11.  What are rate locks?

Looking at Homes - 13 Digests

Coach them on the nuances associated with showings, like what to do if the seller is home.

1. My role in your search
2. Location is important
3. My MLS is more accurate
4.  Buyers vs Seller markets
5.  Setting up showings
6.  Process of elimination
7.  Permission to be honest
8.  I look closely for issues
9.  Shhh! The seller is there!
10. When to inspect
11.  How to spot a deal
12.  Multiple offer leverage
13.  Not right? Renovate?

Negotiating - 10 Digests

Strategies for winning multiple offers and how to handle tricky sellers.

1. Researching price
2. Multiple offers. Do you want it?
3. Why I call the listing agent
4. No rules with multiple offers
5. Giving the seller choices
6. Important dates with the offer
7. One offer? Or back and forth?
8. Steps after we have a deal
9. Not responding too fast
10. When the ratification clock starts

Under Contract - 12 Digests

Paint a picture of what to expect by sharing all the steps you’ll be taking to get to closing.

1. Don’t buy furniture yet!
2. Step 1 is the inspection
3. What’s a reasonable repair?
4. Calling experts after the inspection
5. Negotiating repairs in writing
6. Getting money instead of repairs
7. A messy house after contract
8. The appraisal process
9. Homeowners insurance
10. Flood insurance
11. Property lines and survey
12. The final walk through

The Closing - 9 Digests

Paint a picture of what to expect at the walk through, all the way to the closing, and beyond.

1. Will the seller be at closing?
2. The closing lasts an hour
3. Bring a checkbook to closing
4. Careful wiring money! Online scams
5. The mortgage, note and deed
6. Title insurance explained
7. You get the key at closing
8. The transfer of utilities
9. The deed comes in the mail

It takes more than Zillow and a little staging.

Here’s the Psychology of Selling.

Psychology of Selling - 10 Digests

Never before talked about topics that make your listing job easier, and more fun.

1. Preparing mentally for selling
2. Several markets in your market
3. Being patient helps
4. The first to see it are motivated
5. What to expect. Avoid conversations
6. The risk of home shopping too early
7. How to get multiple offers
8. 5 common seller mistakes
9. Try not to be home at the showing
10. Showing feedback explained

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