The industry's only truly free real estate CRM

“It was not always free, but it turned out way better than
I thought. I just want everyone to have it! “- Nat Wallen

Dear Fellow Realtors, Getting real estate referrals doesn’t have to take 20 years... I learned this the hard way.

When I started real estate back in 1995, I used to dream about having people send me business. The thought of someone actually recommending me seemed so far away.

And way back in the 90s, it was a different world. Seasoned agents all said it would take
forever to work by word of mouth only.

And I believed them!

So for years I would rush around town, trying to meet new people... 3 to 4 listing appointments per day was my goal.

And after thousands of FSBO and expired meetings, I got good enough to produce a hundred sales a year with just one assistant...

And don’t get me wrong... The money was GREAT!
But the problem was, I got burned out. I began to hate it... and needed a different way to work.

All the CRMs I could find just talked about lead flow and conversions. That stuff just did not feel very personal.

So in 2015, I started creating the BellaRuby system...
And in 2019... I decided to make most of it totally free.

This way I could help new agents fast track referrals, and not lose so much time like I did all those years.

That’s the short version of my story anyway.

I hope you enjoy this free real estate CRM as much as I have enjoyed building it for you!
See you on the inside!

What makes this CRM different?

Connecting with friends

We’ve made real estate a game

Visualize your dreams with a Bucket List

Put Your Customers Front and Center

The people screen makes it easy to see and work with everyone

Categorize your database

Dial in the details with spouses and hobbies

Create default tasks to get more done as you add new people

Communicate with ease and keep a timeline of your activities

Use the daily mindset startup to

Seize Your Day!

Start your day with a positive affirmation

Start with some actionable goals

Take a few moments and just be thankful

Auto suggested handwritten notes

Get even closer to your people with the FORD technique

You’ve got a Plan!

Now let’s start achieving more!

Use your itinerary to achieve your daily goals

Strategize even more with Smart Lists


Connect your apps and automate workflows

Keep exploring

Learn more about all features


Send leads to local
business owners.


The industry’s first and only predictive content marketing library.


Showcase your brand and offerings while making your first meeting all about them.


Showcase your brand and offerings while making your first meeting all about them.


Give free home management software, stay connected forever.


Make real estate a game with the  industry first multi player experience.


Another first in the industry from BellaRuby! Send text messages and make calls using your own phone number.


Connect your calendars, IDX website, gift giving solutions, your Instagram account…

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