Would 5 more real estate referrals this month be life changing?

Real estate referrals are like gold. The key here is not to be salesy, just be helpful. Do this one thing once a day, 5 days a week, and receive a lifetime of real estate referrals.

3 Steps To More Real Estate Referrals

Actionable Advice from a Top Real Estate Agent


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A little bit of database work, a dash of goodwill, a healthy mix of giving to the community and you have a perfect recipe for a lifetime fo real estate referrals. 


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Victoria Brealt Tabby Realty

I subscribed to Nat's YouTube channel a few months ago because I really like his ideas on giving and building tools that will work for me in the background.

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Jenna Lang Tania Reuben

I saw BellaRuby about a year ago as a beta user and just love the "why" behind it all. It's like nothing I have seen so far, and very easy to use.


It's not just free. It's a complete referral building ecosystem.

Developed by a Top Realtor specifically so agents can generate referrals from friends, past clients and other Realtors too! Organize your database, build your local brand, and invite other agents to connect and do the same.

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