How to Talk to Realtors

In this video, I will share with you the secret sauce to working with Realtors. It is a simple formula and it has nothing to do with loan programs, or even customer service.

3 Steps To Working with More Realtors

Actionable Advice from a Top Real Estate Agent


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As a Realtor, I have created exclusive content to help Loan Officers connect with more agents. This is based on what I would do if I were to jump into your side of the industry knowing what I know about agents.


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Bart Branan Movement Mortgage, NMLS 459916

I subscribed to Nat's YouTube channel a few months ago. His videos are fun, and have helped me reconnect with agents I lost touch with. Super helpful tips!

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Jenna Lang Caliber Home Loans, NMLS 638147

Some of his tips are pretty basic, which is good! Back to the basics. Others take effort. The point of view from an agent is most helpful!


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