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Build your brand and become their trusted guide
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How to make great first impressions with buyers and sellers

Step #1

Set yourself apart with beautiful photography

Use gorgeous photography to tell your story, showcase your brand, and set yourself apart from others.
Step #2

Add the markets you service

Step #3

Add your quick history

Step #4

Include a video to really personalize it!

Step #5

Make sure testimonial tracking is turned on

Now that you have crafted the perfect resume’...

Here’s where the magic happens!

Share your Bio with buyers and sellers before you meet for the first time!

Find out what’s most important to them.

Get real time feedback from their interaction with your bio.

Dear Fellow Agents, Here’s why we put their needs up front...

I used to be the top Realtor, the # 1 Producer, I was even voted as the Best Realtor in Charleston.

And there was a time when that felt like the right thing to do… But one day someone said “so what!” That stung!

But you know what, they were right! Who cares about me? In
hindsight, all this bragging… it felt icky. Not genuine. It wasn’t the real me. It was just what I had seen coming up in the industry.

That’s why we built MyBio to put their needs up front.

If you are new, this really is a secret that should be learned early on. And if you are like I was, try it! You’ll see… Being humble and generous just feels better!


Use this with AgentMap to attract out of town agents!

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Give free home management software, stay connected forever.


Make real estate a game with the industry first multi player experience


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Connect your calendars, IDX website, gift giving solutions, your Instagram account…

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