Manage closings with ease and efficiency.

Automate tasks, schedule appointments, connect with closing parties and manage documents all from just one screen.


The BellaRuby Transaction Manager

Automate closings early by setting up Default Tasks

As soon as you ratify a contract...

You’ll start a new transaction right from
the contact record

Now apply your default tasks with just one click

Add important details like the sales price, closing date and commission

Add closing parties on the fly

The Activity Stream keeps a timeline record of all communications

Dear Fellow Realtors, Here’s why we added property specific reminders

I have always struggled with what to say to past customers.
Unless we are close friends, reaching out just seemed so
awkward after the sale.

I got really excited when we started to think about property specific reminders because it would help me continue to represent them, which is a natural part of my conversation.

The idea was to take deferred maintenance notes that the home inspector makes, and add them as annual reminders that came pre-loaded in their closing gift software.

This small addition resulted in a complete change to our code base. This gave us the ability to start the home management system as an extension of the closing, rather than something to remember to do after the fact.

Lots of big exciting changes were made, and now we have it! I hope you like it as much as I do!

Here's how to extend your services into their home ownership journey!

Step #1

Add property specific reminders from their home inspection.

Step #2

Upload the inspection, appraisal and other important documents

This closing gift gives back to you also!

Step #3

Mark the file as closed, and send them their free home management system


Make sure to label your tasks so we can auto suggest content to share!

Get more referrals through constant consulting!

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