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As agents, there is no shortage of tech offerings. In fact, every day I wake up to the latest and greatest tool that is going to propel me into real estate superstardom. Leads here…. Leads there… look, behind that rock, there are some more leads! I am sure you see it too and me being a real estate agent/tech company founder, I get to sit on both sides of the fence. This has given me a pretty good perspective so here are what I feel are the best real estate tools available (and yes, BellaRuby is in this list)

Let’s step back in time for a moment…

Back in 1995, my top tool was my pager. My clients paged me when they saw a home in the newspaper they liked. I would then fax them more details with my dot matrix bubble jet fax/copier-printer…Every beep brought me one step closer to the corvette I was saving up for…

But things have changed since then. I no longer want the little red corvette. I also have a completely different set of tools.

So let’s jump into it, but first… let me give you a warning…

This is not a listicle on real estate tools that you would expect. This goes deeper. This list is practical, so let’s start with the obvious, then slip into the gamechangers…

Tool # 1 – FOR STAYING FOCUSED – A Bulletproof Calendar

We agents have a plan, and that plan can get ambushed by the real estate emergencies we all deal with each day.

For this calendar tool to really work, we have to elevate this to bible status.

  • Commandment number 11 – Thou shalt not interfere with my day. Thou shalt not take me off of my gameplan. Though shalt not interfere with my master plan of real estate domination.

There are several versions of the calendar… I like google calendar, but you can use outlook… or whatever.

Tool #2 – FOR IMPRESSING BUYERS AND SELLERS – Laser Measuring Device.

AKA, the secret weapon. Not only can you measure rooms for your listings… you can apply this tool to buyers.

By measuring each of the rooms of the houses they like, it shows you care and it gets them to engage more with the house.


It’s a system that a Realtor created (yours truly)… You give free software to homeowners, and stay connected forever…

Step 1 – You create the homeowner account.

Step 2 – You invite your homeowners.

Step 3 – They accept the invite.

Here is a quick breakdown of BellaRuby ENGAGE for your homeowners:

The Homeowners Dashboard – It’s the homeowner portal that gives them one button access to you and all the glory you can bring to their homeownership experience.

Their Important Documents – They get all the documents from the closing and can add their own.

All the Closing Parties – By giving them access to everyone involved, they get to remember all you did to help them.

An Insurance Vault – Your homeowners can document their entire home, so if there is a fire or burglary, they will have a full inventory.

Your Vendors – They can access all the people you know and trust to get work done on the home.

A Maintenance Planner – They create maintenance reminders, and you get to deliver them. See the webinar here. It’s awesome.

Milestone Reminders – How cool is a happy 11th closing anniversary, or a happy half birthday?

Tool # 4 – FOR SMOOTH VIDEOS – The Smove Gimbal

This is a must have because let’s face it… unless you are a Blair Witch Project fan, nobody likes shaky videos. And by taking a step or two to improve the production level, you get people liking your content.

Tool # 5 – TO KEEP YOU MOTIVATED – Podcasts

Pop one in on your way in to work. Listen to someone else’s story on your way to a listing appointment… and do yourself a favor.. don’t listen to a real estate podcast.

You already have enough real estate to listen to every day. Turn it off for 20 minutes and listen to other entrepreneurs. Try “How I built that” by Guy Raz… or anything in that space… it will lift you up.

Tool # 6 – TO KEEP YOU HOPEFUL – IDX Websites

Notice I said hopeful. The cat was let out of the bag in 2003 with broker reciprocity. The world has our data, and corporate America is cashing in. Now we agents compete for attention. We compete with Redfin,, Zillow.

Sure, we real estate agents can “hope” our IDX website will launch our careers into super stardom, but look at it like this… consumers like Zillow because Zillow does not require an opt in.

Real estate tools need to focus on real estate relationships. In fact, let’s just delete number 6, and go to number 7.

Tool # 7 – TO BUILD GOOD WILL – BellaRuby Vendor Network

If you are a real estate agent, you already know that you are a connector. You send leads to local business owners every day. Why not let them know it?

Here’s how the BellaRuby Vendor Network works:

  1. Next time you walk into your dry cleaner, or you meet with your massage therapist, tell them you meet a lot of people and want to help bring them more business.
  2. Invite them to be a part of your digital rolodex by adding a glowing recommendation.
  3. Each time you meet a new person, ask them what they like and who they want to know. Share your Vendor Network accordingly. When they reach out to your connections, you get to deliver the lead.
  4. Wash, rinse and repeat. By helping local business owners, you are helping buyers and sellers get things done… and also building your brand in the community.

Click here for the full BellaRuby offering (thank me later)

Tool #8 – FOR LIFE BALANCE – An Apple Watch.

Use the workout app and go for a long walk every day. Long walks are good for your soul. They give you a chance to step out of work mode and think about what you are doing. They give you a chance to not just reflect, but also to strategize your next move.

Yes, you can do all this without an Apple Watch, but you will find that slapping one on your wrist will motivate you because they game-ify the whole exercise thing.

They measure it.

Use it for a week and soon you will feel like you are playing hookie if you skip a day or two. Personal accountability actually happens with an Apple Watch.

Tool #9 – FOR BRAND BUILDING – An Iphone.

Couple this with Tool #4 (the Smove Gimbal) and you can make incredible videos.

Raise your hand if you follow GaryVee.

He is the brand building master.

Do what he does. Document your community.

Create content every day, but do yourself a favor, stop talking about real estate. Talk about your community.

This is what buyers and sellers want. They don’t care about the March 2018 real estate market update, especially by the time June rolls around.

The last and final tool will help you capitalize on what Gary Vaynerchuck says in becoming the digital mayor of your community. This last one is a game changer for your evergreen marketing strategy.

Tool # 10 – TO SHOW YOU ARE THE ONLY AGENT – BellaRuby Pipeline.

Rather than just tell you to use it, let me show you how it works by giving you two use cases:

Pipeline use case number 1 – You meet a buyer and they LOVE you. They saw your community tour video and see that you are the man when it comes to local knowledge. They say they are going to buy up to $900,000 and they will be coming in 1 year.

Great lead! But 1 year out… crap!

Not anymore.

BellaRuby is a completely done for you content marketing system.

You share your knowledge and every week they will get a friendly conversation via Facebook Messenger sharing a small part of the buyer journey.

This will take them to a landing page with your friendly face on it. It has 5 bullet points on how to avoid risky loan features… or what to do when a seller is a home when seeing a house.

There are 52 modules… each one consulting them on the process.

You can take this a step further and add video. There are scripts and a Teleprompter built right in.

Just push the button and go! It’s real estate innovation at it’s height. You will never lose touch and automatically bring value. The perfect lead incubation system.

Pipeline use case number 2 – Your child goes to a local charter school. Everyone wants their kid to go there and you happen to know the headmaster on a personal level.

You meet with the headmaster and whip out your Smove gimbal from tool tip # 4 and make a deep dive video on how to get into the school. (this is what I did, check it out here)

BellaRuby Pipeline helps you produce content on the fly, and then distribute it. It even reports back to you to help you determine whose hot and whose note.. It is the only lead capture system that centers itself around the evergreen content that YOU create.

This is the stuff that no IDX site can ever do.

This is the stuff that Zillow can never take away from you.

This is next level value that will truly position your real estate world for greatness, because it’s always there and always working to find you new business.

So that’s it! The top 10 tools you can use in real estate to not just grow, but leverage for prosperity.

Thanks for chiming in. I would love to add to this list, so let me know what I am missing… I’m always up for a good education on how we real estate agents can bring more value to the world.

PS – Yes, I love BellaRuby. You will too when you see it!

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