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We understand your pain. You are so busy with appraisals, termite letters, repair lists (and everything else), that there is no time left in the day to develop your long term, referral building plan.

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Dear Fellow Realtors, Here’s why I created a CRM based on giving, and why most of it is totally free...

I am Nat Wallen. I started real estate back in 1995 and cold called every day for 20 years. Yes, selling 100 homes per year with just one assistant was profitable, but the rejection was painful.

And even worse, there was no time to nurture my friends and my past clients.

After all the years of rejection, I longed for a referral based real estate business. And I desperately needed real estate to become fun again.

In 2015 I decided to build a complete solution to help us all get more referrals and sell more homes.

In 2018 I met with investors. They laughed when I told them I wanted to offer it for free to new agents. They did not see the ROI. They needed to make more money.

I walked away and remember sitting in my car thinking... They are wrong. Giving was the answer. And at this very moment, sitting in my car in Downtown Charleston I made the commitment.

Realtors everywhere, in every country would have the BellaRuby CRM for free. Forever. They would not need to pay me.

Real estate would become fun again. That’s why we made it a game, and that's why you can connect with your friends.

For busy agents and loan officers who believe in giving first.

You’re busy, and you should not have to worry about the future. Here’s your long term referral building plan.
Vendor Network

Send leads to local
business owners

Home Management

Give free home management software, stay connected forever.


The industry’s first and only predictive content marketing library.


For use with both buyers and sellers! Showcase your brand and offerings while making your first meeting all about them.

Use this locally. and in coordination with AgentMap for out of town referrals too!

Share – Impress – Gain Intel – Convert


Search the AgentMap, hand-pick agents in any market, and share them with your outgoing referrals.

They choose their next agent, you both get digitally signed referral agreements.

For Running Your Referral
Based Business with Precision

Transaction Management

Create unlimited closing
automations, communicate
to all closing parties, and
sleep well by bulletproofing
the closing process.


Make real estate a game with the industry’s first multi player experience.
Connect with friends for accountability, elevate your daily mindset,  set and achieve daily goals.

SMS and

Another first in the industry from BellaRuby! Send text messages and make calls using your own phone number. *Text message and calling rates apply, but don’t worry, it’s super affordable!


Connect your calendars, IDX
website, gift giving solutions, your Instagram account… there are over 1500 solutions out there.

The “Never Miss A Sale Again” Plan

Choose FREE or PRO

Import Your Database

Your customers love you

Victoria Breault Tabby Realty

I really like the giving free software side. It's a unique offering, and since I began, my sphere is more engaged and I am getting more referrals than ever before.

Bart Branan Movement Mortgage

As a loan officer, the connect with friends feature is helping me with my Realtor partners. I am also helping vendors too! The whole system is very solid.

Tania Reuben Realty One Group

I am so thrilled to have finally found something I can use to give to the community as a whole.