Are your friends and past customers

sending you real estate referrals?

It's time to up your game.

Give free software, get customers for life.

This is not a CRM, this is different.

Use gratitude to build relationships, and sell more homes.

Here's what your homeowners will get
when you give them BellaRuby!

Your brand. Front and center.

Your homeowners get 14 helpful maintenance reminders via email so they can stay on top of their home ownership game.  

You get to deliver tips like cleaning their dryer vent, and milestone reminders, like celebrating their 9th closing anniversary.

Advanced clutter control.

Your homeowners get to stay organized with cloud based document storage. They can even share documents with just a few simple clicks. You get to provide easy access to important documents like their closing statement without lifting a finger.

An insurance vault.

Nobody wants a fire or a burglary, but just in case… you’ll give them a full home inventory system. Your homeowners get to document their purchases and valuables safely and securely. You’ll get to help them rest easy when it’s time to make a claim.

Easy home maintenance.

Your homeowners get to create weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance reminders. You get to deliver them when the time is right. The more maintenance reminders they make, the more touches you get! (pretty sweet!)

Your homeowners also get...

Access to the closing team.

Help your homeowners refinance, or get legal questions answered.  Help your colleagues stay top of mind. Help yourself by proving stellar, after the sale value by keeping everyone connected.

Access to your rolodex.

Your homeowners get easy access to your trusted connections so they can have work performed around their home. You get credit for being the connector. Yep! Every business owner knows exactly when you send them leads.

One click access to you!

Your homeowners get one click access to you for market updates, and an annual review. You get to stay relevant. You get more repeat business and referral opportunities. 

What is Digital Farming?

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BellaRuby is easy to use!

The average time it takes to bring value,
and stay connected forever is...